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Nyltite™ Corporation is the inventor and manufacturer of its’ own proprietary product line of Industrial Nylon Fasteners and Plastic Fastener components. For years, engineers and manufacturers have trusted Nyltite to offer quality Nylon fasteners and plastic snap bushings for their products. Simply put, nothing else works quite as well to seal, fasten, dampen vibration, and insulate industrial products, aircraft parts, and machine parts. They consist of rolled collars, thin wall snap bushings, grommets, sleeves, standoffs, and spacers. These Nylon fastener components are extruded , not molded. The Nyltite™ Rolled Collaris assembled to standard fasteners and various compressive devices and sold as separate components or assembled fasteners. These nylon plastic fasteners and industrial assemblies have a proven record of simultaneously solving sealing, vibration, and insulation problems.

Nyltite fasteners are used in the most critical applications, and these fitted collars have a proven history of making any standard or non-standard fastener a better and more useful product. Let Nyltite be a trusted supplier of nylon fastener components and see why there is nothing that compares to the quality and functionality of the Nyltite fastener. Please click on a link for more information about our fastening products. You may request samples by filling out a sample request form or call us at 1-800-635-5238 and we would be happy to help you. Application assistance is always available.

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Nyltite Pre-Assembled Industrial Fastener Components
Nyltite Rolled Collars or Nyltite Headed Sleeves can be fitted to standard screws, bolts, nuts, or rivets and supplied as a finished part. One part number, coupled with a factory fit Nyltite Rolled Collar or Nyltite Headed Sleeve assembly eliminates double inventory, double requisitioning, and labor involved assembling the product. Nyltite Corporation can supply the bolts, screws, rivets, ect. to your specifications assembled with the appropriate Nyltite part. These assemblies are your “best buy” because Nyltite has developed the product, equipment, and assembly procedures to ensure a consistent product compatible with your automatic feeding and assembly equipment. We will also assemble the Nyltite Rolled Collar or Nyltite Headed Sleeve to your supplied fastener as a value added service. Please view our Pre-Assembled Fasteners for more information

How Nyltite Fasteners Work
Nyltite Rolled Collars are made from our tubular nylon rolled upon itself. The collars are used directly under the head of all standard screws, bolts, and rivets (or anything which would apply pressure to direct the flow of the nylon). When tightened, a Nyltite Rolled Collar creates a sealing and locking agent while protecting the surface from damage if required.
Please visit our How Nylon Fasteners Work page for more information.

Common Fastener Applications
Sheet Metal Screws fitted with Nyltite Rolled Collars are unique in the benefits they provide. In particular, they: automatically seal against leaks, act as an anti-rotational device, vibration damper, and can eliminate thread run out problems normally encountered when fastening thin sheet metal.
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All Nyltite components are available separately as well.

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