Electrical Components and Fasteners

Nyltite Components are used in virtually every area of power distribution, communications, machine control, and other exotic electronics. The remarkably low electrical conductivity, coupled with other flexible properties makes these parts a smart, secure solution for almost all electronic products. Here are a few of the common electrical applications:

Electrical Fastener and Component Applications

Outdoor Applications

  • In electrical applications, the uses for nylon fasteners are countless.  They are used to provide a dust and weather seal on outdoor displays and are used in outdoor lighting applications
  • Some customers have used these products to help maintain the IP65 wash down rating

Indoor Applications

  • Indoor applications include bushings for cost effective wire protection through sheet metal, and rolled collars to act as an isolating elements and locking mechanisms
  • Some battery chargers use these nylon fasteners to provide insulation from their metal covers
  • Electronics have also found uses for these components, such as mounting TO-220 packages on circuit boards
  • Heat sinks for power supplies requiring isolation may benefit as well. 
  • Components requiring standoffs can use the unheaded sleeve or bushing products.

    As you can see, Nyltite parts are used in all areas of electrical distribution and electronics technologies. From micro-amps to kilowatts, these versatile components offer a safe, affordable means to complete your products manufacturing. Call us today at 800-635-5238 for more information or request a sample.











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