Industrial Fasteners

Nyltite fasteners are used in many areas of industrial manufacturing and production. The remarkable properties of Nyltite industrial fasteners allow these locking nylon components to act as vibration dampers, friction fighters, and weatherproof sealing in transportation systems. Industrial fasteners from Nyltite are trusted by industrial manufacturers and engineers worldwide to be the most reliable, durable, and effective nylon components on the planet.

Industrial Applications

  • Locking and Vibration Damper for Transportation Systems: Industrial applications include the fastening of guide rails on vibrating product transport systems by providing a locking mechanism and vibration damper. 
  • Friction Fighting Cable Guides: When double walled bushings are used as cable guides, friction is reduced and reflected in lower maintenance costs. 
  • Sealing Oil Vessels: Sealing of oil vessels can be accomplished easily with one assembly, without costly cleaning and preparation for epoxies. 
  • Weather Tight Sealing and Fastening: Preassembled screws provide a weather tight fastening seal when attaching shipping panels for overseas freight.

    Nyltite parts are used in all areas of industrial sealing and fastening. For a reliable and effective means of fastening, speak to our experienced staff, and we will help you find the right part for your application. Call us today at 800-635-5238 for more information or request a sample.


Locking and Vibration Damper

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