Watertight Marine Fasteners and Fastener Components

Whatever fastener you're using in your marine application, our durable nylon parts keep water in, and water out. Liquid thread sealants do not offer the same reliable protection and peace of mind as Nyltite fastener components. When pressure and chemical compatibility are concerns, there's only one solution - NylTite fastener components.

Marine Fastener Applications

  • Boats and Aquatic Recreation Centers: If you've been on a boat, or gone to any type of aquatic recreation center, it's likely that you've benefited from our unique Nytite parts before. Aquatic Centers worldwide have relied on these durable Nylon seals for decades because of their superior corrosion & pressure resistance.
  • Watertight and Grease-Tight Seals for Outboard Motors:
    A manufacturer of outboard motors used rolled collars and headed sleeves to provide a watertight and grease-tight seal.  These products shine in marine applications, as fresh or salt water have no adverse effect on the Nyltite products. These unique components also seal instrument cover plates on boats to protect against humidity and spray. 
  • Attaches Aluminum to Other Materials and Prevents Corrosion: Nyltite flat headed sleeves can be used when attaching aluminum track to fiberglass or wood with stainless steel flat head screws.  They are used extensively on boats by preventing galvanic corrosion between aluminum parts and stainless steel fasteners.  Nyltite headed sleeves are used under snap studs for covers as to not damage the fiberglass or wood surface while providing a snug locking fit. 
  • Weather Proofing & Insulation:

    Keep your product free of harmful moisture. Use any of the appropriately shaped fastener components to provide the very best water and moisture barrier.

NylTite seals resist pressure, petroleum products, salt water, hot oils, refrigerants, alkaloids, diluted mineral acids and most solvents and chemicals.

Physical Properties of Nylon & Teflon

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