Nylon Fasteners and Plastic Fasteners: How They Work

Nyltite Unheaded Sleeves are lengths of tough, thin-wall, nylon tubing cut to the length required for your specific application. Nyltite Unheaded Sleeves offer all the advantages of other Nyltite products and are most commonly used as spacers, grommets, bushings, bearings and as insulators for screws and solderless connections. Furthermore, thin-wall nylon sleeves offer a distinct space advantage. Nyltite Unheaded Sleeves can be used as spacers when mounting pc boards. Other applications include sleeves for housing and insulating electronic components.

A Nyltite Rolled Collar is inserted over the shank of any kind of fastener (screw, bolt, rivet, nail…)
The assembled piece is threaded into a standard hole in the work piece, a slight chamfer is recommended, but a larger chamfer may be used if metal to metal contact is required. This will force more nylon along the shank.
When tightened, a Nyltite Rolled Collar being compressed beyond plastic deformation flows inwardly and fills the voids between the work piece and fastener. This creates a sealing and locking agent while protecting the surface from damage if required.

The same method holds true for a flat head screw.
Additionally, shown here is an additional Nyltite Rolled Collar installed after inserting the screw from the opposite side. This allows the nut to seal the back of the assembly as well. This step would depend upon your application requirement.


Examples of Usage as Insulator/ Isolators

A Nyltite Snap Bushing inserted in
a hole and captivated by its’ features

A Nyltite Flat Headed Sleeve can be press fit into a hole

A Nyltite Double Wall Bushing can be used to take up for a large gap between a shaft or tubing and the hole

A Nyltite Headed Sleeve used as an insulating sleeve - available in any length

A Nyltite Unheaded Sleeve can be used as a hole liner for a feed through application

A Nyltite Snap Bushing as a grommet


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