The Nyltite Headed Sleeve fits on a screw, bolt , rivet or simply in a hole without a screw.  When used with a screw or rivet, the Headed Sleeve and screw (or rivet) work together under pressure to form an ideal fastener and seal.  When used as a hole liner without pressure, it functions as an electrical insulator, mechanical isolator, hole liner, grommet, bearing or bushing.

It Works as a Fastener / Sealer

For fastening and sealing, the Headed Sleeve acts in a manner similar to that of the Nyltite Rolled Collar but in addition to the collar, it has a shank that extends into the hole, providing more material to the screw/workpiece interface.  These shanks are the lightest and thinnest available on the market, minimizing your need for product redesign to accommodate it.  If the shank is made to extend from the screw or bolt head to the nut or mating surface before the nut is tightened it provides material to the nut or mating surface.  You can specify the length of the shank. When tightened, the sleeve’s head flows inward, into the hole, into the screw threads, and under the screw head as described in Nyltite Rolled Collars . The shank of the sleeve flows to fill the clearance hole and the screw threads on the shank of the bolt, and the excess material flows around the nut. This flow is under high pressure and becomes integral to the fastened joint.

It Works as a Non-Fastener / Sealer

For non-fastening purposes, the Nyltite Headed Sleeve is not under pressure, in which case the shank acts as a hole liner so that the Nyltite Headed Sleeve can function as an insulator, isolator, grommet, bearing or bushing.  The head helps keep it in place and, together with the shank, makes this device an excellent strain relief for electrical wires.

Relationship to Other Nyltite Products

We can provide you he Nyltite Headed Sleeve directly or as a sleeve that is pre-mounted on a screw as a Nyltite Assembled Fastener. If you do not need a shank we can provide you with the Nyltite Rolled Collar either alone or pre-assembled on a screw.

We also sell Nyltite Headless Sleeves for applications where fastening and sealing are not an issue. Like other Nyltite sleeves, headless sleeves provide excellent mechanical and electrical isolation, superior to those of conventional isolators. They also function as excellent bearings or bushings and can be used to prevent galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals. Variations of the headless sleeve include the Nyltite Snap Bushing mentioned above.


#10 SCREW, 1/2” LONG

Headed Sleeves Diagram
NUMBER (-L) SIZE (DEC. INCH) +.004/-.003 +/-.002 +/-.008 +.025/-.015
NHS-02-XX 2 .086 .088 .012 .112 .175
NHS-03-XX 3 .099 .101 .012 .125 .185
NHS-04-XX 4 .112 .116 .013 .140 .195
NHS-05-XX 5 .125 .129 .014 .159 .210
NHS-06-XX 6 .138 .142 .015 .172 .225
NHS-08-XX 8 .164 .168 .015 .198 .270
NHS-10-XX 10 .190 .194 .017 .228 .300
NHS-12-XX 12 .216 .220 .017 .254 .330
NHS-14-XX 1/4 .250 .252 .020 .292 .365
NHS-15-XX 5/16 .313 .316 .020 .356 .460
NHS-16-XX 3/8 .375 .379 .020 .419 .535
NHS-17-XX 7/16 .438 .441 .022 .486 .600
NHS-18-XX 1/2 .500 .504 .022 .548 .645
NHS-19-XX 5/8 .625 .629 .025 .679 .800
NHS-20-XX 3/4 .750 .754 .028 .810 .935
NHS-21-XX 7/8 .875 .890 .032 .954 1.030
NHS-22-XX 1.0 1.000 1.005 .035 1.075 1.280
CODE (XX) +/.008
1 .125
2 .250
3 .375
4 .500
5 .625
6 .750
7 .875
8 1.000
9 1.125
10 1.250
11 1.375
12 1.500
13 1.625
14 1.750
15 1.875
16 2.000
17 2.125
18 2.250
19 2.375

Versatility and Customization

The Headed Sleeve on a screw, bolt or rivet makes an excellent fastener and sealer.  Used without a screw or rivet it can function as an electrical insulator, mechanical isolator, bushing, grommet or bearing.  The product is inherently versatile.  We can enhance any or any combination of the above characteristics to meet your particular need.

For example, we can customize the roll of the collar and the length of the shank to make the Nyltite Headed Sleeve place the right amount of nylon exactly where you need it for fastening or sealing.  We can also customize it for optimizing any of the above-mentioned non-pressurized uses, depending on your application.  We will work with you to find the correct configuration that meets your requirements.

Variations of the Headed Sleeve

Variations of the Headed Sleeve
For locking and sealing, if more material is required under the nut than can be provided by a single Headed Sleeve, we suggest using opposing sleeves: one under the bolt head and the other under the nut.  We can tailor the lengths of the shanks to accommodate this double-headed configuration.  Another approach for providing more nylon for fastening applications is using the Nyltite Double-Walled bushing.

The Nyltite Double-Walled bushing can also act as a thick hole-liner, bearing, bushing, insulator, or isolator.  The thickness may be necessary for your particular situation.   Again, we will work with you to find the solution to your requirements.

If space or clearance is critical, we suggest using a Nyltite Flat Headed Sleeve.  For non-fastening purposes, the Nyltite Snap Bushing is an alternative to the headed sleeve with an additional  feature that helps keep it in place.

Samples can be provided upon request
Custom sizes are usually readily available.

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