General Applications: Plastic Fasteners and Components

Nyltite Rolled Collars & Sleeves have unlimited uses in product manufacturing. Here are common applications.

Marine Fasteners - Keeps liquids where you want them. Our durable nylon parts keep water in, and water out. When pressure and chemical compatibility are concerns, Nyltite Nylon Fasteners are your best solution by far.

Electrical Fasteners - Insulate & Isolate. Nyltite Electrical Fasteners can be used in almost every area of power distribution, communications, machine control, and other electronics. The remarkably low electrical conductivity of Nyltite Electrical Fasteners, coupled with other flexible properties makes these parts a smart, secure solution for almost all electronic products.

Aerospace Fasteners - Seals out air. For decades, the leading Aerospace manufacturers around the world have relied on this unique fastener compliment.

Industrial Fasteners - Reduce Vibrations, provide airtight barrier. The remarkable properties of Nyltite industrial fasteners allow these locking nylon components to act as vibration dampers, friction fighters, and weatherproof sealing in transportation systems.

Medical Fasteners - Provide contaminant barrier.

Architectural Fasteners - Seals, Damper, Surface Protector.

Pre-assembled fasteners from Nyltite are available for less than the cost of fasteners & liquid thread sealant. Liquid sealants are wasteful, cumbersome to use, and expensive. Once tested, we know that you'll become one of our numerous long term patrons.

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